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Earlier publications include:

FASEB Journal   1993;7:1394-1400;  1994;8:247-251;  1995:9:411-418;  

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John Warren is a clinical scientist with wide experience in pharmacology, clinical pharmacology and medicines regulation.


   •Member of the European Scientific Advice Working Party 2003 -2010

   •Expert Medical Assessor, UK Medicines Healthcare products Regulatory Agency 1995 to 2010

   •Evaluated New Drug Applications, Clinical Trials, Generics and Variations for UK and Europe

   •Member of the European Pharmacokinetic Subgroup of the Efficacy Working Party 2007-8

   •Member of the writing committee of the Bioequivalence EU Notes for Guidance, released 2009

   •Contributed to the EU Notes for Guidance on Asthma, COPD and ARDS

   •Specialist accreditation in the UK in General Medicine, Clinical Pharmacology and Cardiology  

   •Author of over 100 publications in international journals on the physiology and pharmacology of

           the autonomic system. Edited book - "The Endothelium"

   •Executive Editor for British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. Past member of the Editorial Board

           of Microvascular Research and Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics


Previous appointments include Clinical Pharmacology at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School and Senior Lecturer at the National Heart and Lung Institute, with Honorary Consultant status at the Brompton, Charing Cross and Chelsea & Westminster Hospitals.